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Jun 20, 2018

Morgan and Mitch work on their personal and professional brands.
You can check out the script of this episode here.
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Alison Becker - Morgan
Eliza Skinner - Annie
Mike Mitchell - Mitch
Cristela Alonzo - Bonnie
Keith Powell - Van
Tavi Gevinson - Narrator
Bill Corbett, Mark Gagliardi, Tawny Newsome, Vanessa Ramos, Maureen Price, Humphrey Ker, Danielle Radford, Arnie Niekamp 
Written & Created by Jordan Morris. Executive Produced by Jordan Morris, Nick Adams, and Jesse Thorn. 
Produced by Julia Smith. Directed by Eric Martin. Editing and sound design by Ben Walker. Script Supervision by Shana Daloria. Engineered by Julian Burrell.
Original Music by Annie Hart and Jonathan Coulton.